Thinking Beyond
Digital Futures

The Netural Group is the holding company for one of the longest-standing digital service providers in the DACH region, as well as a company specializing in founding businesses in the digitalization sector.

Since 1998, the digital pioneer Netural has been transforming companies and creating sustainable, digital services and products. The Netural brand stands for groundbreaking strategies, outstanding user experiences, and state-of-the-art implementation – driven by entrepreneurial thinking and multiple awards.

In recent years, digital business models have repeatedly emerged and been spun off within the company's ecosystem. These developments culminated in the establishment of Netural X in 2023, focusing on company building. At the core of Netural X is the commitment to develop user-centric digital products and services with strategic impact, and to spin them off into independent companies – with dedicated teams.

Albert Ortig, the founder and owner of the Netural Group, is driven by a passion for movement and empowerment.

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